Data Download

Users of the HazeGazer platform are able to submit weekly health reports. These reports are then correlated with observed and estimated air quality. This page allows you to request the anonymized survey data from the platform. Please fill in your email and your intended purpose for the data.

Data collected for Phase 1 includes community health reports from November 2020 to April 2021. Families were asked to submit a health report asking if a respiratory illness occurred in the family. Biographical information was collected about the family.

This data can be correlated to air quality to possibly draw conclusions about the health impacts of air pollution. There are two data files:

  • profiles.csv – Demographic data about each family submitting health reports during phase 1. The profile ID is able to be matched to reports. ID’s are anonymized.
  • reports.csv – Individual health reports about each family during phase 1. 

Data collected for Phase 2 includes water and soil samples from around Ulaanbaatar. Files include:

  • Sample Locations.xlsx – Coordinates and labels for each sample location.
  • Water and Soil combined.csv – Combined data for water and soil for each sample location.
  • Raw Results folder contains the raw sample reports that are combined into the water and soil CSV.
  • MUST Microbiology folder contains microbiological results for selected sample locations.

ZIP file can be downloaded here.

NAMEM provided PIN water and soil pollution data from 2017-2021. You can download it by filling out the form below. Data contains samples from the Tuul River area as several other locations around Ulaanbaatar.

You can download the ZIP file here.

Heatmaps for HazeGazer are generated using current air quality and also soil and water data from Phase 2 above.

You can find the code and current heatmaps on Github here.