How to Protect Yourself From Air Pollution

Why air pollution is bad for your body and How to protect your health and safety?
Air pollutants are not visible to the naked eye, but they are harmful to human health over long periods. Protect your health from air pollution, and protect everyone’s right to breathe.
Tips to reduce air leakage through doors and windows.
Pollution can penetrate indoor spaces through cracks or gaps found around windows or door edges. For this reason, it is crucial to fill or insulate the gaps and use window filters in order to prevent outdoor air pollution from entering your home.
Protect yourself from the respiratory illnesses and air pollution by wearing masks with filter.
A simple, but crucial step to protect yourself from air pollution is to regularly wear filtered masks.
Benefits of growing plants in your home and office.
In addition to air filters and purifiers, it is also important to grow plants indoors to improve air quality. Leafy green plants can absorb carbon and neutralize different types of air pollutants.
How to check air quality using by your mobile phone.
Check the air quality information regularly!
Possibility to keep your home warm without a stove.
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Why insulating your house is important?
Pleased to share Mr. A.Erdenebileg’s impression of the insulated house.